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Sharing the Story Behind Our RM8 Flat Rate Delivery with You, Our Beloved Supporters!

Sharing the Story Behind Our RM8 Flat Rate Delivery with You, Our Beloved Supporters!

Today, we'd like to candidly share with our beloved supporters the challenges and hurdles we faced while introducing our RM8 Flat Rate Delivery promotion.

Let's start by discussing why we came up with the idea of offering RM8 flat-rate delivery.

We firmly believe that no one should have to break the bank just to have a cake delivered. Each cake carries a story, a wish, whether it's celebrating a loved one's birthday or simply indulging in a delicious treat. For us, it's a significant mission. Hence, we introduced the RM8 Flat Rate Delivery, not just as a discount, but as an experience.

The response was overwhelming when we launched this promotion. As long as you're in the Klang Valley, you could enjoy our delivery service for a fixed rate of RM8, with no minimum order requirement.

However, we also encountered some unprecedented challenges. While we dreamed of offering affordability and convenience to our customers, we also bore certain costs along the way. At times, the actual delivery cost exceeded RM8, which put us in a bit of a predicament. Nevertheless, this didn't deter us. Instead, it motivated us to work even harder to find solutions.

Our team members labored tirelessly, much like bees, continuously refining our operations to ensure every order could be smoothly delivered. We understand that this wasn't an easy feat, but we firmly believe that it's through adversity that true accomplishments are achieved.

As time passed, we tirelessly worked on optimizing and enhancing this promotion, aligning it more closely with our vision and meeting the expectations of our customers. Each loss-making order became a stepping stone in our journey, solidifying our determination to provide affordable delivery for our customers.

This journey wasn't without its ups and downs, but it's these challenges that have made us wiser and more attuned to our customers' needs. With the introduction of RM8 Flat Rate Delivery, we're not only offering a discount but also conveying a sincere message of dedication to all the supporters of Cake Lab.

So, even in the face of adversity, we didn't give up. Instead, we pressed on with unwavering determination.

This is the unwavering faith and dedication of the Cake Lab team towards the RM8 Flat Rate Delivery promotion.

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